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Clark Security / The Ira E.
Clark Detective Agency
10 Chestnut Street
Evansville, IN 47713
Ph:  (800) 542-2448
Fax: (812) 424-5234


Founded in 1912, the Ira E. Clark Detective Agency, Inc. dba Clark Security is the oldest privately owned regional security firm operating in the area and has an established reputation for honesty and reliability. The Agency is non-union and maintains its corporate headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, the center of its operating area, which currently includes the states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri and Tennessee. The Agency confirms a commitment to maintaining internal quality standards of professionalism through its written UNCONDITIONAL PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE which imposes a financial penalty on the Agency should service fall below established standards. The Agency is small in comparison to the national agencies operating in the area and its size is a distinct advantage in maintaining its professionalism and quality standards and to its clients in that they are able to deal direct with a stable, experienced management team composed of owners and corporate staff on a personal basis. The Agency has provided professional contract security service to banks, industrial plants, utilities, mines, construction sites, warehouses, hospitals, and institutions under the name Clark Security for over 98 years.

The Agency was built on the philosophy of "WE CARE" and by exercising this philosophy in its day-to-day operations provides its clients with personal daily attention to their security needs and strives for long-term associations with its clients. This personal daily attention to our client's needs and the ability to attract, train, and equip mature, honest, professional security personnel has earned the Agency client loyalty reaching back over thirty (30) years. Client loyalty in the ten (10) to fifteen (15) year range is the norm rather than the exception. The Agency is totally flexible in its operation and specializes in "custom-tailored" security programs to fit each individual client's needs. The Agency's staff stays abreast of the latest security equipment, alarm systems, and trends in the security industry through publications, memberships in professional organizations such as ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) and WAD (World Association of Detectives), and international security seminars. The Agency's client list is composed primarily of major national and multi-national corporations, which require a professional approach to full fill their security needs.

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